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Preparing the IOWA ASSESSMENT/CogAT Answer Folders
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Preparing the IOWA ASSESSMENT/CogAT Answer Folders
To bring with you to Principals’ Council

1. Stack all answer folders for each teacher by grade. There is no need to alphabetize the answer folders.

2. Place one (1) Grade/Class Identification Sheet (blue) on top of each teacher/class group. Please be sure the Grade/Class Identification Sheet is complete. See checklist in Teacher or Principal Packet for details.

Box #1 – the Information box
Box #2 – Class Name - Elementary Teacher Name or Freshman, Sophomore, etc.
Box #4 – Grade
Box #5 – Form “E
Box #6 – Answer Folder Count - example 0015 or 0009

3. Wrap a strip of paper – calculator tape – around each stack by grade (each grade is to be wrapped separately) and secure strip of paper with scotch tape. 

4. Please place one (1) Building Identification Sheet  (purple) on top of the whole stack of secured answer folders. You do not have to “bubble in” the school name, just write the school name in the boxes. We have the preprinted sheet from Riverside that will be submitted with your answer folders.