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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does the school do regarding make-up tests whether or not students are absent during testing time?
Answer: If at all possible, try to schedule a make-up time. However, when students are not at school because their parents have taken them out for a day because it is his/her birthday (or other similar type of absence), use your good judgment as to whether, or not, you should devote time and money to reschedule that section of the test. The scoring service will score what has been turned in.

2. Can we use calculators?
Answer: YES.
Calculators may be used with the Mathematics section of the test (elementary parts 1 and 2). 
Calculators may NOT be used during the Math Computation part of the test.
There is no place on the answer folder to signify if a calculator was used or not. Instructions about calculator use can be found on page 30 of the Directions for Administration Levels 9-14 booklet, and page 26 of the Directions for Administration Levels 15-17/18 booklet.

3. Is the computation section “optional” for the Northern California Conference?
Answer: NO.

4. Is it appropriate to take tests home to work on them there?
Answer: NO.
Answer sheets and test booklets must never leave your campus, during testing or preparing them  to be returned to the conference office.

5. Do students take the “Optional” (questionnaire) section of the test?
Answer: NO.

6. Do students take the social studies and science section of the test?
Answer: YES, unless you have decided not to have your 3rd graders take these portions.

7. Which grades are required to take the exam?
          Answer: All students in grades 3-9 and 11 are required to take the Iowa Test, unless their request for exemption has been   
          approved.  Students in grades K-2 generally do not take the test. Sophomores and Seniors, though not required to, often take
          the test as well.