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Open house activities idea list
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Open house activities idea list
  • Egg drop: Students create a device to safely protect a raw egg when it is dropped from a height of 20' or so. One academy assigns this in advance to students for a physics project (Karin Strom) and it has also been used as a science project for sixth graders (Caleb Rasmussen). An elementary school has used this as an activity during their open house to encourage families to visit each classroom. In addition to the classroom activity, each room provides a family with a specific material (foam, duct tape, etc.) that can be used to construct a safe egg container.  The eggs are dropped at the end of the open house and the winning family is awarded $100, plus one free registration fee for the next year (Katie Richmond). 
  • Memory verse recital: As a group, second grade students recite a chapter they have memorized from the Bible (JoAnn Moon).
  • Refreshments from another culture: Spanish language students research a Spanish-speaking country and culture.  In addition to creating a presentation on elements of that culture, they prepare refreshments from that cuisine which are served as refreshments during the open house (Joy Fackenthall).
  • Wax museum: Fifth-grade students research and write a monologue about a famous person from history. At the open house they dress in an appropriate costume, when activated they "come to life" and deliver their monologue (Leslie Bartsch).
  • Another Brick in the Wall: Academy students can paint one of the cinderblock "bricks" comprising the classroom wall. A QR code in the corner allows parents/visitors to hear that student's recorded narrative explaining the thought process behind their painting (Heather Denton).
  • Money management: Third and fourth graders explain how they are spending the year in an ongoing simulation; experiencing a lifetime of paying for an education, earning money, tithing, investing, paying bills and taxes, saving for retirement, and much more (John Linhares).
  • Scuba science: Seventh and eighth grade students explain the science of scuba diving safety (Rick Nelson).
  • Recorder karate: Students in primary grades demonstrate a group recorder rehearsal and how they earn recorder "belts" for achieving increasing levels of proficiency (Arthur Borges).
  • Build your own bubble wand: Kindergarten and first graders build 3D shapes out of gumdrops and toothpicks, then use them to create giant soap bubbles (Tammy Priest).
  • Popsicle stick bridges: Physical science students are assigned, in advance, the task of making a bridge out of popsicle sticks. The bridges are tested to see how much weight they can bear until they break--very visual (John Gilley).
  • Reading their own writing: Students read aloud from something they've written.  Academy students are challenged to participate in the NaNoWriMo event ( and read an excerpt from their book (Megan Milholland-Brooks). First grade students read from their own writing-at a slightly lower level (Cheryl Miceli).
  • All about your heart: Second through fourth graders enjoy learning about their hearts through a sensory tub with touchable models of the various parts of their blood, a tennis ball model of the challenges of pumping blood and gathering heart beat data (Katie Richmond).
  • Robotics: Seventh and eighth grade students demonstrate the LEGO robots they have designed, built and programmed, showing the tasks the robots can perform (Rick Nelson).
  • Galleries: The academic work of academy students in various subjects--written and visual to address their student learning objective (SLO) #3--is displayed in public spaces throughout the campus (Peter Fackenthall). As a side note, each activity on the open house schedule includes a list of the SLOs which that activity addresses.