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CognitiveGenesis results summary
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CognitiveGenesis results summary
Adventist schools lead the way
A brief summary of results from the CognitiveGenesis research

Key results
  1. Students in Adventist schools outperform.  In all grades , in schools of all sizes, students in Adventist schools outperformed the national average in all subjects. "Even our research team has been surprised by the scope of what we've seen. Reading, math, social studies, science, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation... students in Adventist schools have the advantage in each of these areas," says Elissa Kido, Ed.D., CognitiveGenesis project director, La Sierra University. 
  2. Students in Adventist schools overachieve. Students in Adventist schools score well above the national average on standardized achievement tests and above what would be prediected based on their ability test scores. "These kids are overachievers in the best sense of the word," Dr. Kido says.
  3. Students in Adventist schools gain even more with time. One of the most dramatic findings is that students who transferred to Adventist schools saw a marked improvement in test scores. Furthermore, the longer students are in Adventist schools, the better their achievements and abilities.
Study design and validity
  • The study included 51,706 students from Adventist schools, elementary through high school, in the United States.  Nearly all Adventist schools participated.
  • Student achievement was tested using the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills for elementary grades and the Iowa Tests of Educational Development for high school students (now aggregately named Iowa Assessments) .  These standardized tests are taken by approximately 3 million students annually. The norming group is representative of American students overall, including 90% public school students, 5% Catholic school students and 5% private, non-Catholic school students. Student ability was assessed with the Cognitive Abilities Test.
  • The study ran from 2006-2009.
Note:  All CognitiveGenesis information is quoted from the brochure, "Moving Hearts and Minds Upward," with the subtitle "Numbers that matter: An assessment of Adventist academic achievement at the elementary and high school level." Information on the Iowa Assessments is from