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Marketing Mentoring application
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Marketing Mentoring application
If your school is interested in marketing coaching and support, here is the scoop for applying and participating in the next round. 
What is Marketing Mentoring?
One-on-one coaching for your school with the Marketing Specialist. We...
  1. Learn what will work for your school,
  2. Create a realistic (very low cost) marketing plan, and
  3. Build a team to make it happen (so it isn't all on the principal's plate).
For a little more information (one page, one side) you can share with your staff, board members, pastor(s) or other interested people, see "Marketing overview for schools."
Or let us know and the Marketing Specialist can come meet with your board, staff team, pastors or anyone else to explain more about what Marketing Mentoring is.
How do you apply?
You will need to gather four items.
  1. A signatory page indicating the willingness and interest of your stakeholders to work together in researching and implementing a marketing plan.  We need to see signatures (ie. buy-in) from each of the following stakeholders:
    1. Principal
    2. All staff members
    3. Pastor(s) of constituent church(es). If there are multiple churches, 51% must be on board.
    4. All board members
    5. Parents (represented by your Home and School leader)
  2. Enrollment and potential enrollment data (for the past five years is required, 10 years is preferred). Feel free to briefly comment on the trends you find here.
    1. Your school's enrollment for each year for the past five years.  Ten years' data is preferred.  This can be taken from the opening reports to NCC.
    2. Your school's retention for each of the past five years (ten years is preferred). To compare to benchmarks we need you to use our retention calculations. This is included in opening reports since 2016.  Prior to that you will need to calculate using the process below.
      1. List all students enrolled at opening report last year
      2. Subtract all students who graduated, moved out of the area, or the school asked to not return.
      3. Count the number of students remaining on that list 
      4. Count the students from opening report who did return this year
      5. Divide the number of students who returned by the number of students who could have returned (didn't graduate, move or be asked to not return)
      6. The resulting percentage is your retention rate
      7. NOTES:  This does not account for new students in any way.  Students who say they are not returning due to financial issues, custody issues, etc. are still considered eligible to return. 
    3. Your churches' potential school population.
      1. The number of children who will be school-age over the next three years (for all grade levels your school offers)
      2. Where children are currently attending, by grade level (not by name)
      3. Baptisms. How many? How many from non-Adventist families? How many parents were baptized because of your school’s influence?
  3. Confirmation that your board has approved using the GraceWorks Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey, purchased as a coordinated effort by the school, constituent church(es) and NCC.
    1. The survey cost for K-8 schools is $1,200.
    2. Schools that include preschool and/or high school are strongly recommended to use the advanced survey for $1,900 which gives you separate reports for each division (preschool, elementary, high school) as well as the comprehensive report and the option to add customized questions.
  4. A cover letter including the following:
    1. When is your school's next accreditation review coming up
    2. When are your school board meetings routinely held (e.g. the first Thursday of every month, the second Tuesday every other month)
    3. Who would be available to answer questions about your school's application and what is that person's contact information (NOTES: This would often be the principal or school board chairperson.  The Marketing Adventist School Taskforce typically meets during the week after the applications deadline.)
    4. A brief outline of any prior marketing attempts by your school, and
    5. Your rationale for why your community wants to be part of the Marketing Mentoring program, in a page or less.
Gathering these can be delegated to volunteer or staff member.  While these may seem like a lot of work, buy-in from all your stakeholders is essential for success and each piece of information is needed to create a realistic marketing plan.
What are the deadlines?
September 22, 2017 –– Mentoring applications due to Marketing Specialist
(hint: the Friday before Principals' Council at Rio)
September 29, 2017 –– Marketing Mentoring schools chosen and notified
October 3-20, 2017 –– Schools prepare to send out the GraceWorks Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS)
Oct. 23-Nov. 27, 2017 –– PSRS administered
January/February 2018  –– Internal, operational changes made, and when appropriate, announced to parents
Spring 2018 –– Local marketing team recruited (the survey will give you names of people who have volunteered)
Spring/Summer 2018 –– Marketing planning started

Why is this deadline so early?
In the two beta cycles, we learned that it is helpful to get survey results early enough in the year to take action on at least one, visible concern of parents.  This demonstrates your school is listening to the results and willing to make changes to improve. In addition, if significant educational or staffing changes are needed, you have time to work with your superintendent to make those happen before we start working on promotion.
If you have any questions, please email me at or call at 925/603-5069.